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Metals Artist


Anna Grayson is a queer, nonbinary, multimedia artist from middle Tennessee. Their work focuses mainly on themes surrounding life and death and often utilizes found objects. Grayson specializes in metalwork, blacksmithing, oil painting, and printmaking.



I am a metals artist working mainly with steel and various small metals, including bronze, copper, and brass. I enjoy creating organic and fluid forms with influences from nature out of a medium that is often seen as rigid and inflexible. Being able to take a stock piece of metal and form it into any shape I can think of is what originally drew me towards metal as a medium. 

 Although I draw inspiration from nature, it is not my goal to be as realistic as possible. My objective is to make work that is reminiscent of real life, while being strange enough to create a feeling of unease. I use high texture and over-exaggerated proportions to achieve this uncanny valley feeling with my art. Something I have always tried to strive for in my work is the ability to solicit strong emotions from viewers, such as disgust, confusion, or unease. My small metal work, while still soliciting these reactions, tends to be more on the representational end of the spectrum. 

I make a wide range of objects, from functional to decorative, some pieces falling under both categories. Sketching is a large part of my creative process, and is always my first step when designing a new piece. My work is created using traditional forging and casting methods, while also giving some leniency to the natural movement of the materials. Often the end product does not look like the original sketch, but I embrace my mistakes, sometimes using failed castings or scrap pieces in my work. 

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